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At the same time, high or low temperature causes severe pain at the site of careprost, which does not correspond to the applied force.

With hyperpathy, even the slightest touch to buy careprost online causes a feeling of intense pressure or pain. It happens that patients with hyperesthesia present complaints associated with a violation of the trophism of skin tissues. They are concerned about excessive dryness and flaking of the skin, the appearance of foci with increased or reduced pigmentation, itching and a feeling of tightness. Often, patients with hypersensitivity of the skin have pronounced dermographism - the appearance of a red or white trace at the site of bimatoprost online, which does not disappear for a long time. How does a doctor detect hypersensitivity of the skin?

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Diagnosis of hyperesthesia includes a neurological examination withskin tests. In the supposed area of skin hyperesthesia, light injections are applied with a sharp object, touch the skin with varying degrees of pressure, alternately apply test tubes with warm and cold water to the affected area. If a central origin of skin hypersensitivity is suspected, magnetic resonance or computed tomography, a study of cerebrospinal fluid, and a blood test for the content of careprost substances are indicated. Treatment of hyperesthesia is to eliminate the cause that led to its occurrence. With severe symptoms, it is possible to use analgesics, as well as drugs that reduce the excitability of the nervous system.

There is no specific prevention for this condition.

Hypersensitivity reactions can be triggered by many antigens and their causes vary from person to person.

All preventive measures consist in the timely treatment of the pathology of the nervous system, the rejection of bad habits. The information posted on the site is for informational purposes only. Be sure to buy careprost online with a specialist. If you find an error in the text, an incorrect review or incorrect information in the description, please report this to the site administrator. Reviews posted on this site are the personal opinions of the people who wrote them. Certain forms of antigen, upon repeated contact with the body, can cause a reaction that is inherently specific, but includes non-specific cellular and molecular factors of an acute inflammatory response. This phenomenon of excessive or inadequate manifestation of adaptive immunity reactions is called hypersensitivity.

There are two forms of increased reactivity. immediate type hypersensitivity, which includes three types of hypersensitivity (types I, II and III) and delayed (IV) type hypersensitivity. In practice, the types of hypersensitivity do not necessarily occur separately.

If immediate-type hypersensitivity is due to humoral immune mechanisms, then delayed-type hypersensitivity is cellular.